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Safety Tips for Chainsaw Carving

Chainsaw carving has really been gaining popularity lately, there is even a new show on TV about chainsaw caring items out of ice. When working in this art form safety is an important factor, with the speed that the chain moves and the type of cutting tips on the blade, things can go wrong quickly.

Birdhouse Design Basics

Bird watching is a favorite pastime of millions of people around the world. For some people, this means taking regular walks through the forest in the hopes of spotting a favorite species. Of course, not everyone can go out in search of his or her favorite birds, for whatever reason, and for these people it is much easier to bring the birds to them. Wild birdhouses are often used to do just that, and are quite easy to set up and maintain. Furthermore, they are usually inexpensive to purchase, or can even be completely homemade if need be.

Small Woodturning – Five Ways To Satisfaction in the Art and Craft

While a lot of the direction in woodturning tends to be in the way of larger and larger pieces, there are advantages to turning small items. Here are five ways to develop satisfaction in the art and craft of woodturning by going small.

Five Tips for Sharpening Your Turning Tools

One of the first things that woodturners realize, especially if they come to woodturning from other types of woodworking, is turning tools need to be sharpened early and often. In most cases they need to be sharpened a lot more often than other cutting tools and the skills needed are different than those to sharpen most other tools. Here are four tips to help get sharp tools quickly and easily for the lathe.

Making Turning Tools – It Is Easier Than Most People Think

Wood turners like to own lots of tools. While most professional turners have three or four tools that they use all the time, there tends to be lots of different tools hanging all around the shop. What surprises many turners is the ease in making many of their own tools.

Woodturning Tools – Make the Tool to Fit Your Hand

Every woodturner is of course different but woodturning tools are made in a one size fits all category. Most of the time this is fine but many woodturners like to tailor a tool to fit their own hands. This is easier than most people think.

Safety Measures to Take When Working With Wood

Working with wood involves sharp tools trying to cut a hard material into small pieces and then putting them back together in specified patterns. By its very nature, be it cabinet making, instrument building, wood turning or other woodworking it is inherently dangerous. Four areas of safety need to be kept in mind at all times.

How to Make Money With Your Wood Turning Skills

As woodturning continues from beginner to more advanced levels for the enthusiast the question sometimes arises as to how to make money with these wood turning skills. For many hobbyists the dream is to make the enjoyment a money maker, perhaps to the point of it becoming a full time occupation. Here are few things to keep in mind.

The Right Backyard Shed Plans Can Make Shed Building Easy

There is a lot of value you can get if you use backyard shed plans in building a storage area for your home. The use of good shed plans will save you a lot of money and time in the long run. And you can be sure you are able to build it right when you start to work on your , because you will have all the information you need right at your fingertips and there will be no waste in materials, time and or money.

3 Steps To Making High Quality Cheap Tables

I think we are all pretty much in agreement when I say that furniture could get very pricey based on the style, brand, age and of course what the piece is built from could up the cost.ย Recently in a decorating quandary I found myself scouring the web for a couple of cheap tables, only some small space fillers for drinks or a vase with flowers.

Contemporary G Plan Tables

First off you may be asking yourself, what are G Plan Tables. Well, G Plan is a brand that was created in the 1950’s. The retro style of and classic look defined what modern furniture was throughout the 70’s. G Plan in their prime was very much in demand and was the furniture everyone wanted in the home due to how well built it was.

Woodturning Pens On A Lathe From Figured Wood Pen Blanks

The ideal for a woodturner of any level is to create a beautiful writing instrument with inlaid wood accents. Handmade pens make beautiful gifts, and do a great job of displaying the quality of figured wood as well as the expertise and creativity of the woodworker. Making a spindle-turned pen from a wood pen blank requires a minimum of tools, and the finished product can be obtained in just a few hours’ time, with much less effort than a larger piece of art or furniture. Even though pens are common everyday objects, a handmade writing instrument can be a real showpiece and an eye-catching display of craftsmanship.

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