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How to Turn a Piece of Firewood on a Lathe – Bowls And Other Faceplate Work

Woodturners wanting to make bowls or other faceplate work have a difficulty in accessing wood suitable for the turning. Most of it at any suppliers will be too small, too expensive or split in the drying process. Firewood suppliers are an excellent source and it is relatively easy to prepare it for the wood lathe.

Woodturning Pleasures – Do Not Forget The Giving

One of the joys and discomforts of woodturning is that it is a solitary endeavor generally consisting of one person at a wood lathe with tools in hand and intense concentration on a spinning piece of wood. The solitude may be eased in a variety of ways, especially when the turning itself is over, and one of them is the act of giving.

Woodworking And The Wood Lathe: The Challenge In Finding Wood For The Woodturner

As woodworkers move from flat woodworking such as jewelry boxes, desks and wall cabinets to woodturning round objects such as candlesticks and bowls, there arises a new challenge in finding the wood with which one works. The old familiar places may not fit the new requirements and the results may be pleasantly less expensive.

Basic Equipment You Will Need to Start Woodturning Projects

While it is easily understood that a wood lathe is needed to begin woodturning projects, there are a few other necessities before starting. Many of these are already found in the typical woodworking shop while others will need to be purchased.

Woodturning Tools – Five Reasons To Make Your Own

Most woodturners start out with a basic lathe and a beginner’s set of woodturning tools. Soon the vast array of tools in the catalogues begin to look enticing and the idea of acquiring a greater variety grows on most turners. Even with the depth of choice available in the woodworking catalogues there are still reasons to make your own.

Laying a Slate Floor

There is little doubt that when used as a floor covering slate adds character and individuality to a room, though care must be taken in the choice of slate or else the end result from laying a slate floor in your home can be making a room look small and/ or dark. Slate can be installed on both traditional wooden or a cement slab floored houses, though prior to work commencing on a wooden floor house in Brisbane an inspection should be conducted to ensure there are no under-floor problems that could see the weight of the slate exasperate…

Woodturning Safety – Basic Equipment You Should Have and Use

While woodturning is one of the safest activities in the home workshop, it still uses and sharp implements. Safety precautions should be taken to make a safe activity even safer. There are a few pieces of safety equipment that woodturners should own and use.

Woodturning Safety – What To Look For In A Sawbuck

Woodturning is a very safe part of the woodworking family of arts and crafts, however it uses and sharp edges and carries a certain amount of risk. One of the areas of woodturning which has its own dangers is rough wood preparation, particularly in the area of faceplate work. A few simple rules and especially the use of an appropriate sawbuck will make the work much safer.

Woodturning Skills – Strengthen Them With Repetition

The craft of woodturning is a succession of skills that incorporate various cuts in various circumstances in various woods. It is the accumulation of these cuts that results in a work of art and craft. Such skills are best acquired over time with lots of practice. While such practice can be boring if undertaken as just a series of cuts, it can be far more enjoyable if gotten through a series of repetitive projects.

The Importance Of Finding The Right Octagon Table Plans

Constructing an octagon table can be a little overwhelming for the less experienced woodworker but with the right set of octagon table plans and some patients you could be well on your way to creating an incredible and unconventional piece of furniture. Octagon tables are not only unusual because of their shape but they also provide a great deal of functionality. A large table is comfortable enough for food and guests or spacious enough to incorporate card or board games into your busy schedule.

Woodturning In The Community – Giving Is A Benefit For Everyone

Most if not all woodturners stand and work at the wood lathe because it is fun to do so, however there is an avenue of enjoyment that is sometimes missed. The pleasure of giving works both ways when it comes to the wood turning world.

How to Turn a Piece of Firewood on a Lathe – Spindles

With the cost of hardwood these days, it can be prohibitive to turn anything on a lathe let alone practice. Many beginning turners and even the experienced move to the firewood pile for turning wood. While the practised turners will have little trouble mounting the wood, beginners need a couple of hints to get started.

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