Handplaning Flat Surfaces with Tom McLaughlin

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Woodworking Finishing Made Simple

After trying many methods of finishing over the years, the one I like best is relatively simple and gives professional results. Try this simple method.

10 Steps To Build An Outdoor Storage Shed

If you require a storage shed to accommodate and make sure your extra items being properly protected but are unable to find any, you can consider building one yourself. Whether you are experienced or not in building storage sheds, it does not matter so long as you follow these 10 simple steps to build an outdoor storage shed.

7 Essential Questions You Must Ask Yourself On Building Sheds

If you are just starting out or totally brand new in building sheds, it is absolutely crucial that you have everything prepared before beginning any . With that said, here are 7 essential questions you must ask yourself on building sheds.

Woodworking Fun

“Woodworking Fun” is about the satisfaction one can gain from creating something from pieces of wood. It can become a passion or even a vocation.

Workbench – What’s the Ideal for a Bench?

Unfortunately, there’s no single answer to what makes the best for a workbench. It all depends on your particular body height and the particular kind of work you plan to do there. Later I’ll cover some of the specifics on just how to find that perfect distance between the workbench top and the floor, but first let’s take a look at why the height of your bench is so important to begin with.

Top Three Places To Go to Find Good Woodworking Designs

If you are in search of good woodworking designs, and you are not able to find complete plans, then the content of this article might relieve you of the frustration of where to look. In the next few paragraphs, we are going to look in to three places, where you will find answers to everything you need. First we are going to discuss the how-to sites and the huge advantage you will have if you get your woodworking designs from these websites.

4 Tips To Get Better Results From Your Woodworking Plans

Even professional carpenters have to rely on woodworking plans for most of their projects. It’s easy enough to build a set of shelves or a workbench for your garage without any plans. But if you want professional results, something you can be proud of, then you’ll want to use a set of professionally designed plans.

The Importance of Finding Detailed Woodworking Plans

Learning a new hobby should be at the top of everyone’s list of things to do. Especially if there are kids around. A great hobby for families is woodworking.

Swing Sets – Wood Or Plastic?

Wood and plastic, the two most common types of swing sets, each has its own set of pros and cons. If you’re in a dilemma on which of these two is appropriate for your home and kids, read on and find a guide on the different characteristics that each of them has to offer.

Plans for a Wooden Bench for the Garden or Patio

A Wood bench is, as the word says, a piece of furniture that’s made out of wood where one and more people can sit on. There is a place for a wooden bench in any garden or patio so look around for that perfect spot to put it.

Build a Log Tree House and Build a Relationship With Your Children

Muhammad Ali once said, “Children make you want to start life over”. Building a log tree house is a chance to share in your child’s fun – and you get to start your life over through your child’s eyes. If you are a parent, you might have looked everywhere for that ultimate backyard experience. During your search, chances are you probably noticed tree houses in some backyards. These structures offer children an limitless quantity of fun. A log tree house is a tree house that has been kicked up a notch by putting a log facade around the exterior walls to give it that real outdoor feeling.

How To Prepare For A New Finish

Preparing the surface for a new finish requires careful workmanship and knowledge of the necessary procedures and methods. The quality of the finish depends directly on this preparation.

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