Entryway cabinet. Completing and installing the hall tree.

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Working With Wood – A Quick Lesson In Woodworking

Working with wood can be very rewarding and a great way to earn a living. It involves making items like furniture, carving the wood into various shapes, and basically just make things using wood as the medium. To be good at it requires quite a bit of skill, but with practice anybody can learn working with wood. With time and patience you can master this craft, and even a name for yourself as a high quality craftsman.

Advantages for Furniture

In the recent past, the world has changed dramatically. Life is definitely a vicious circle. Back in the day, people used to appreciate how the craftsmanship that went into making high quality furniture, the kind that could go past many generations. Not so long bag, furniture produced in bulk became so popular that it was used and replaced as often as possible. The damage and financial crises that the world is going through is making us reconsider the whole cycle of disposing and reusing. Therefore, this is one of the biggest reasons why we are going back to a lifestyle that is more self-sufficient, trying to our own furniture and creating our own furniture .

Building A Wooden Pirate Ship With Your Kids

A thick black flag flies from the top of the crow’s nest of a ship, signaling that is none other than a pirate ship that strikes terror in the hearts of men. In their heyday, pirate ships raked in large amounts of gold, gems, and other stolen goods, and hoarded them in coves along forsaken coasts.

My Thoughts on Woodworking

Woodworking, this topic can interest any age. A young child wanting to explore and a father trying to help, an older man needing to get things done. Woodworking can be a simple task for a beginner, or a more complicated task and skill mastered by the best. Woodworking covers a wide variety of projects. However, it’s all commonly connected through working with wood and projects built from the ground up with wood.

Bending Wood – Different Techniques Used

How often have you gazed in wonder at the beautiful intricate shapes of wooden architecture, marvelling at the sheer creativity of the workman? Such extraordinary shapes and designs can be made only with the aid of bended pieces of wood. So how can this bending be done?

Mortising Attachments

A mortise is a joint that can be used to connect two parts of a structure together. The mortise is not complete without its counterpart the tenon. The tenon has to be shaped appropriately to fit into the mortise like a glove fitting a hand.

Veneering Wood

Veneer refers to thin slices of wood that are fixed to a wood surface usually made of particle board, medium density fiber board etc. Veneer sheets come up to just about 3mm in width. This material is usually used for flat panels of doors, cabinets etc.

Types of Joinery in Woodworking

The bonding of various pieces of wood in order to create a finished product like furniture, toys and other fixtures is called joinery. The quality and texture of the materials used in this’ joining’ process decides the durability, appearance and strength of the product. The joints can be made with different types of material like fastenings, bindings etc. whereas some articles employ only wooden joinery.

Health and Safety in the Workshop

Are you someone who’s into wood carving and designing of quaint wooden bits and pieces? Surely you must have a workshop of your own where you keep all your tools and materials. Are you aware of all the health and safety measures to be taken while at work?

Woodturners And The Band Saw: Getting A Good Start On Round

Woodturning is the art and craft of taking wood and making it round in decorative and utilitarian ways. In order to do this it is necessary to mount the wood onto the wood lathe. Preparation for doing so, particularly in faceplate work, can be greatly aided by the band saw.

The Other Woodturning Tools: More Than The Wood Lathe

When woodworkers begin tho think about taking up woodturning the first thing they consider is buying a lathe. This is just the of the iceberg when it comes to woodturning tools. Of course the cutting tools themselves, gouges, chisels, parting tools and so on need to be gotten but so are a few other tools which can be considered necessary for the craft.

Metalworking Lathes In The Wood Shop: Woodturners Can Have It Both Ways

With the growing interest in metal working there has been an increase in the availability of both new and used metal lathes on the market. While the techniques of turning metal and wood are different, the machines are similar enough to open a new world of turning for the woodturner as well as give new directions for turners of metal as well.

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