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How to Build a Simple TreeHouse

Although a tree-house is not something small it can be a fun thing to do if you use the right playhouse plans for the job. It’s a great way to involve the whole family and there are loads of different designs to choose from. Whichever you ultimately settle on there are a few general rules to consider.

Woodwork Bench – A Great Start For Small Woodworking Projects

Start with a woodwork bench for your next project. The great thing about a bench is that you can it simple or more complicated.

Build a Shed

You decided that you want to build a shed. Now its time to decide on how you will build a shed. Do you go with a shed kit or do you use shed plans?

Tips for Starting Up a Woodworking Business

Woodworking has been around since the earliest of times, yet is still very popular in today’s age because it’s a great way to express creativity while using your hands. Whether you have participated in woodworking your entire life or are just now getting your feet wet, starting a business in this area may have been something you have aspired to do for awhile now. This is more than possible, but certain steps need to be taken. First and foremost, putting together a budget to work with is essential.

Good Finish for Wood

If you ask a hundred woodworkers to define the term “good finish,” you will get a hundred different definitions. And then if you ask the furniture-buying public to define “good finish,” you will likely get even more definitions.

Bleaching Wood

Bleaches are highly reactive chemicals that break down the natural colorants in wood. For years, woodworkers have used bleach to lighten the color of their stock.

5 Classic Wooden Toys to Build for Your Kids

No matter whether you’re a woodworking enthusiast or if projects aren’t usually at the top of your to do list, you have to admit that wooden toys for your kids beats watching TV all weekend. You can get your children involved as well, either helping you out or just watching. Wooden toys never truly go out of style and many of these toys are educational as well as fun.

Woodwork Jigs

Working with wood is a process by which an individual needs to work with detail and skill. Mistakes while working with wood are likely to ruin the whole of the piece. In woodworking there are a number of factors which need to be executed time and again.

Woodwork Projects You Can Start Immediately

Are you retired, or maybe on vacation? Perhaps even looking for a new hobby, or something useful to do? If the answer is “yes” to any of the above then you should have time to study some woodwork plans you never seem to have had time for when you were busy.

Wood Carving for Beginners – Figuring Out Wood Grain

There is a lot to discover for wood carving for beginners and, comprehending wood grain is a foundation of frustration and disappointment. Cutting in the incorrect direction concerning the wood grain may cause your wood to disintegrate, divide, or damage in the grain. To sum it up, carving wood lacking regard to the grain direction could cause undesirable consequences in the wooden chunk.

Cheap Woodworking Ideas

Woodworking is the process of building, or carving something using wood. Woodworking plans can be expensive especially if you are assigning your projects to other people. You do not need to have to break your bank to have some woodworking projects done.

3 Essential Woodshop Safety Rules To Keep You From Harm

Woodworking involves the use of many potentially dangerous tools that can seriously injure you if you’re not careful, so you must adhere to certain essential woodshop safety rules to keep your digits and limbs intact. While some of these woodshop safety rules may seem obvious, too many woodworking enthusiasts injure themselves every year for me not to post up a timely reminder for all of us. Here are 3 essential woodshop safety rules to keep you safe:

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