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Timber Used in Woodturning

A woodturner will always try to use the most interesting and beautiful hardwood varieties for making wooden bowls. Some of the best turning timber cannot be bought, it has to be found.

What Is Woodturning?

Turned wooden bowls are familiar to everyone. But do you know how they are made? Here is information about the craft of woodturning.

An Overview of Woodworking Routers and Router Bits

Woodworking routers and router bits are important tools for any DIY . This article will talk about these tools and how they can help you.

Free Woodworking Plans – A Guide to Easy Woodworking Projects

The free woodworking plans are compiled by professional and skilled woodworkers and contain all the necessary guidelines and materials to help in woodworking projects. You can also avail of blue prints, images and videos to help you in your projects.

Dust Control at the Lathe

Woodturning exposes you to harmful dust. To protect your health you need to take precautions, but not all the usual methods are effective. Here is advice about the different options.

Easy Tips for Buying Woodworking Routers and Bits

Woodworking router and router bits are sound investments if you take woodworking seriously. This article discusses different machine and attachment types available and ways to purchase these.

When the Pen Is Mightier Than the Sword – Think Safety

Safety is of concern for everyone. Whether you are working at a large manufacturing company or working in a small shop, paying attention to safety returns dividends. So, what type of safety concerns are relevant to a small shop focused on making custom handmade pens?

Ways to Apply Your Scrolling Designs Patterns to Your Work for Cutting

There are several different ways available for applying your patterns for scrolling designs to your work piece. This article lists several of the different methods available for this purpose, from tracing a pattern to adhereing the pattern to the work piece.

Starting Out in Woodturning

Are you thinking of taking up woodturning? With a lathe, you can make objects that are both beautiful and useful, often in minutes. No other woodwork is so immediate. But how do you start? Here is an outline of what you need.

Best Woodworking Ideas for Your Room

Your room is definitely something that characterizes your persona and tells a lot of untold truth about your choices. That is the main reason why you prioritize decorating your room with an aesthetic touch. However it is not an easy deal.

Weekend Woodworking Ideas for Summer

Get lots of great weekend woodworking projects to help keep kids busy during the summer. Woodworking is a great hands-on family pastime that keeps kids productive and off the couch while giving them lifelong real-world skills.

Buying a CNC Router: Tips for Making the Best Purchase

An industrial grade CNC router is the first serious equipment purchase many woodworkers make. Unlike woodworking equipment that is designed for specific tasks, a CNC router is remarkably diverse for the types of pieces it can produce, from small, intricate pieces such as furniture accents to large, basic pieces such as stair risers. If you are looking for CNC woodworking machinery for sale, below are tips that can help you purchase the right equipment for your needs.

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